Wagon Train DollsOld Fashioned Handmade Dolls


Throughout United States history, by far the most popular handmade doll was the cloth or rag doll, especially during Colonial America dating as far back as 1630. The term "rag doll" is used to describe any doll made primarily from fabric, according to the Connecticut Doll Artists website.

Historically, rag dolls were handmade by a mother using scrap fabric and given to her child. These dolls played a major role in a young child's life. In addition to providing girls with something to play with, they were often used to help young girls learn sewing skills. Old rag dolls were made with cloth fabric for the body, dress and apron. Leftover lace, string and yarn were also used for the hair and trim pieces. The doll's faces were either painted, embroidered or just left plain.